College Cheerleading Prep

At Tumble B Gym and Washington Elite, we are excited to work with our athletes to develop goals related to collegiate cheer.  Services offered includes tumbling classes, all star cheerleading, all-girl stunt technique and co-ed stunt technique. We are fortunate to have working relationships with many colleges that help us to further develop skills needed for college try-outs. 

Hello my name is Max Geritz and I used to cheer for WE and am now a cheerleader for the NC State Wolfpack. WE was 100% the best way for me to prepare myself for college cheer. Before I cheered for WE I did gymnastics at Roses from the ages of 8-14. Once I got into high school I took a year off and just played school sports but I realized that I was missing an important aspect of my life, tumbling. That’s when I found WE, after lots of thought I decided I wanted to cheer at WE and that hopefully it would prepare me to cheer in college, I couldn’t have been more right. I spent 3 years cheering at WE and I learned so much in my time there. This program taught me how to overcome fears and challenges along the way, but one of the best lessons I learned was that someone’s always got your back. The first 2 years I cheered for WE I was the only male in the program. At first I was shy and timid because I had no idea what I was doing. The coaches we’re very patient with me and eventually I got the hang of it. Throughout my first year my confidence slowly grew but it wasn’t because I was doing it on my own, every chance my teammates got they would hype me up saying, “You got this!” or “You can do it!” These little sayings are all it takes to give someone the confidence to do something new or challenging. WE is not just a cheer program, it’s a family that I was so happy to be a part of. I want to leave anyone reading my story with this, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the help and guidance of the WE cheer program.

Max Geritz