Tumble Classes

At Tumble B Gym, we coach each student to fit his or her needs. We understand that every student progresses at a different rate. We will not rush anyone into a skill that they are not prepared to learn. We focus on teaching proper technique in a fun and safe environment to progress the student at the proper rate. To perform more advanced, higher level skills, the athlete needs to be taught the proper physical and mental foundation. Our coaches provide the building blocks to progress all athletes safely to their goal.

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Busy Bees (Ages 3-5 years old) 45 minutes

Busy Bees is a specially designed 45-minute class that focuses on preschool age tumbling learning.  Busy Bee students will learn basic tumble skills including forward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, handstands and other beginning body control skills.  Busy Bees is arranged to keep this age busy and moving while developing physical strength and more complex coordination.

Tumble Level 1 (Ages 6-18) 60 minutes

Level 1 is a weekly class that builds a foundation for proper alignment, power, strength, and timing needed to be a successful tumbler.  Learning proper body positions and creating memory of movement will be the cornerstone to more advanced skills. The objective is to teach basic tumbling skills such as cartwheels, round-offs, and walk-overs, to more advanced skills like back and front handsprings. Flexibility and strength training are incorporating into learning. No tumbling experience is needed for level 1.

Tumble Level 2 (Ages 6-18) 60 minutes

Level 2 tumble is a weekly class focusing on progression of tumbling skills from running round-off multiple back handsprings, back-hand spring combination passes and introduction and mastery of tuck flips. Flexibility and strength training are incorporated into learning. Child must be able to do a backhand spring with a light spot along with mastering other level one skills to be enrolled in the tumble level 2 class.

Advanced Tumble (Ages 7-18) 60 minutes

A weekly class focusing on progression of tumbling skills from level 1 and level 2 tumbling classes. Skills incorporated include combination front and back tuck passes, layouts and spinning skills.  Flexibility and strength training are incorporated into learning.  Child must be able to do a backhand spring with a light spot to be in this class.

Cheer Tumble (Ages 4-18) 60 minutes

**Included in All-Star Cheer tuition**

A weekly class for those involved in our All-Star Cheer program. This class focuses on the progression of tumbling skills used in a cheerleading competition routine.

Flyer Flex I & II (Ages 4-18) 45 minutes

A weekly flexibility class focusing on full body flexibility, strength, and conditioning.

Private Lessons:

30 minutes / $25 (Paid directly to coach) One on one instruction focused towards the specific child’s needs. Athlete must be enrolled in a tumble class to take advantage of private lessons.

Spring 2021 Class Schedule:

5:00-5:45 Flyer Flex I
5:45-6:45 Cheer Tumble 1 / Tumble Level 2
6:00-6:45 Flyer Flex II
7:00-8:00 Cheer Tumble 2 / Advanced Tumble

4:00-5:00 Tumble Bees level 1
5:30-6:15 Busy Bees 1
6:30-7:30 Tumble Level 1

4:00 PM – 5:00 Cheer Tumble / Advanced Tumble
5:15 PM – 6:15 Tumble Bees Level 1 / Cheer Tumble 1
6:00 PM – 7:00 Tumble Bees Level 1

4:15-5:00 Busy Bees 2
5:15-6:15 Tumble Level 2 / Cheer Tumble 1